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Product placement in shelves
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The best sales position in-store

It is noticeable, unique and it boost sales!

Many businesses treat the retail checkout counter as the end of a customer’s buying experience, and feel they don’t need to place much importance on it. It’s a shame, because this leaves a significant opportunity. The thing is, the store register counter is where most of the magic happens. It’s an essential part of your relationship with your customers. Do this by tapping into the power of impulse buys. Checkout counters are the best places to do this because people who are waiting in a row have the intention of buying something.

Our main uniqueness - a network for increasing product sales. Our network consists of TV displays and shelves under the TV displays at checkout areas in Maxima supermarkets. Having it, we offer our customers a unique integrated marketing solution at the checkout area that increases sales.

How does it work?

We provide the shelves for your product in the checkout area directly under the TV displays, which broadcast the video advertising of your product. We can additionally capture your promotion on a static advertising frame around the TV displays. The customer is exposed to the video and static advertising in the checkout area and purchases your product right there at the checkout.


The best sales position in-store

We will take care of all promotional material production and implementation. We will pay all TAXES to retailer (MAXIMA).
We will take care of all promotional material production and implementation:

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Retail Media Baltic​

Ultimate shopping
position in-store

Product placement
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We show only few of our projects to get an idea what it looks like.

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